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On my 15th trip to Austin, Texas, for SXSW 2024, I saw 86 artists across 33 different venues over six days. I focused on going to see bands that I have never seen live before. Here are 22 of the best acts that Eve and I saw. Twenty of them I had never heard of before they were announced to play at SXSW. However, this was a very different week from all previous trips to Austin as a result of SXSW taking primary sponsorship from the US Army and also support from firms in the defence industry. In protest, around 100 bands withdrew from playing any official showcases. In addition there were many speeches in support of those bands and against SXSW’s policy from bands who played on. I feel this was my last time.

  1. Girl and Girl - Dance Now
  2. Voyeur - Daffodils
  3. Skateland - Postcards!
  4. Good Looks - Bummer Year
  5. Squirrel Flower - Full Time Job
  6. Tauk - Melvin’s Mind
  7. Nara’s Room - Rat
  8. Proper - Middle Management
  9. Mary Shelley - She’s a Star
  10. SWEET SPINE - Darkness
  11. Large Brush Collection - Arm’s Length
  12. Constant Follower - Set Aside Some Time
  13. Middle Sattre - Pouring Water
  14. Pelvis Wrestley - Andy
  15. Fat Dog - King of the Slugs
  16. Humour - yeah, mud!
  17. HighSchool - August 19
  18. China Bears - Someone Kill This Party
  19. Chanel Beads - Police Scanner
  20. Boy With Apple - Strawberry Boy
  21. Dead Tooth - Electric Earth
  22. dust - The Gutter